Friday, March 05, 2010

Robotics Season

Allie & Ashley have spent the past two days in Manchester at the FIRST Robotics Competition. This is Allie's third year and Ashley's second year. Once a year, there is this 6 week long competition that comes to a head with a competition. These teams compete throughout the world. The founder is based in Manchester, NH. His goal is to "grow engineers". They say all sorts of corny things like this being a varsity competition for the mind etc.
They are on team 1247 and are competing against other teams from New England and even one team flew in from Australia!
They spend the first day (Thursday) setting up and doing practice runs and then all out competition on Friday and Saturday. Each year there is a different course that they robots have to complete. This year, it is based on a soccer game, with the robots having to kick balls into a goal, go over bumps etc, all while other robots are trying to do the same thing.
Some robots fail due to technical difficulties, some fail when other robots knock into them, some fail because they flip over and can't get back up!
The Union Leader covers it and here is their latest article.... This year with one day to go, the girls' team is in 40th place out of 48! This is an improvement from year's past!

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