Saturday, March 06, 2010

Saturday March 6th

This morning, my tennis partner and I went down to the Wrentham Outlet Malls in southern Massachusetts. It was an incredibly gorgeous day! This was my first trip to Wrentham and was Natasha's idea. She has been there before, but I wasn't prepared for how huge it was! It is a beautiful outdoor mall that looks more like something you would find in Miami than in New England! There were so many stores and most of them were very large versions of said stores. Think of it as the Tilton Outlets on steroids. We arrived shortly before noon and there were just a few parking spots left. When we departed, around 3:30, there was a line of parking vultures waiting for spaces. Supposedly, it is less crowded on weekdays.
Natasha and I were very thrilled with the hunt today. We both favored sports clothing stores, like adidas, nike, reebok. We found some stuff and even some bargains! I got a new "tennis coaching" outfit as the season starts in 2 weeks. Natasha got some sports clothing for work and I found some little treasures at Williams Sonoma. (There was also a LeCrueset store, Corningware, kitchen etc and Harry & David). Here are my finds:
I saw this 2 years ago. It is like a press for making individual pies and is in a pumpkin shape.... for $1.99! Thrilling.
Here is what the pies look like once cook (from the Williams Sonoma website)
This is a "Twist & Press" Cookie Cutter that makes cookies in the shape of robots, but not only a single robot. Here is the magic, the cutter has 4 sides, each side is a different robot. Each robot is divided into 3 parts - head, torso, legs. Each part rotates, so that you can alternate heads, torsos, legs. So, overall, there are 64 combinations. This will come in handy for the Robotics Bake Sale in a couple of weeks! (Unfortunately, this was not on sale and it costs $19.99)
Lastly, the above cookie cutters are pretty clever, they have the obvious shapes (heart, star, scallop, sun) but notice the slit in each one. They are designed to cut the cookie so that they hang off the side of a mug of bowl.

These will be great to use at work with my 3:00 latte! These were on sale for $6.50! I was very happy!

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