Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Stain Removal: Isopropyl Alcohol

There are so many stains and few methods to remove them. There are many stain products on the market, stain sticks, pre-wash sprays as well as detergents geared towards stain fighting.

Regular drugstore alcohol is a stain remover for acrylic paint! I do a lot of painting and unfortunately, I do a lot of dripping and/or spilling. Even if I catch the stain early, it doesn't always wash out. Once it dries, I have never been able to wash out the stain. So, I have kept some clothing, even though it was stained.
These are my favorite pajama pants. I have had them for years and last year, I spilled a small drop of red paint on my pants. I tried washing it out, scrubbing it out. Nothing worked until I tried the alcohol.
First, I saturated the spot with alcohol, really saturated it. Then I blotted it.
You can start to see the stain bleeding. Keep blotting it and adding more alcohol once it dries.
I did this a number of times, I would guess that I did it at least 10 times. Here, the stain is mostly gone, with just a little red left. I tried saturating it again with alcohol, but it didn't make a difference anymore. I laundered it as usual.
The paint stain is completely gone! Since this worked, I have since gone through my clothing and salvaged more of my clothes! A 99 cent bottle of alcohol saved a bunch of clothes!