Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Start of a Very Busy Week...

Today starts a very busy week. Not only is it Easter week, but so much else is happening.
The high school tennis team is taking up a lot of my time and while I truly enjoy the coaching and working with the students, I find myself spending a lot of time on the "administrative nonsense" of the public school system.
I have been chasing my tail, so to speak, all week with countless e-mails from the school nurse and trainer -- all that are contradictory and a useless waste of time. It reminds me of bureaucratic red tape. Just like last year, I am asked to make a trip to the school to pick up paperwork to distribute to the students. Then, I ask the students to take it home and have their parents fill it out. The students bring it back to me and I bring it back to the school.
Well, just like last year, I completed this task and lo and behold I am told that I have the wrong paperwork.
Again, I ask you, how would I get the wrong paperwork? Then, the school contacts me pointing fingers at me telling me that I lost the paperwork. I did no such thing.

We do this dance every year it seems. For whatever reason, the administrative staff is playing a game -- I don't know the reason. And I really do not want to spend anymore time on this than I have. But, I am still hounded about this or that. --- All nonsense and a complete waste of my time.

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