Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tennis Match - Our Ladies Team

This time of year is the end of the Ladies tennis season and the beginning of the high school tennis season. My two roles, as teammate and high school coach overlap for the next month, so I have some matches to play and other matches to coach.
I always feel that when I spend my time coaching, I make connections that help my own game. Yesterday's coaching session helped me in today's match.

Today, Natasha and I played a lovely team! Our opponents were great sportsman, great players and overall so much fun on the court. We had a great match where the second set went to a set tiebreak. We had so many long, hard fought points. Natasha played so well, she was aggressive and determined. There was one point where Natasha and our opponent went head to head on cross court groundstrokes. Each shot was harder than the last and it was fast paced and strong! It seemed to go on forever, especially since I wasn't involved in the hitting! Natasha and Maryanne were fantastic! We won the point and the crowd applauded. The crowd - being our teammates, but applause is applause! All 4 of our were happy and exhausted.

We won the match, and have to say it was such a fun match. Our opponents were honest, gracious and very skilled. Natasha played so well, never giving up. She has plans to go on a much needed vacation tomorrow, so it was fitting that she hit the winning point for the match!
Only 2 matches left for the season!


Ally said...

Look out Bob and Mike Bryan :)

DannyB said...

Next stop the US OPEN! (big joke in our family!)