Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tennis Team - First Practice

On Monday, we had our first practice of the season and it went so well! We had a dozen girls attend practice and 3 more couldn't attend! This year's team is twice the size of last year's team!
Since Jon was able to coach as well, we broke the group into 2 and each worked with 6 girls. It was a very, very productive practice!

There are 4 exchange students on the team this year. Last year, we had a very lovely girl on the team, Marie from Sweden, who was a great sport and a fine addition to the team. This year, we have Lucy from Korea, Ionara from Brazil, Michelle from China and Helena from the Czech Republic. They all speak English very well and all are motivated to learn to play tennis.
I was particularly impressed with Helena as I thought she was very athletic, she also ski races.

Allie, Ashley, Sadie & Lauren, our top 4 from last year are back and playing fantastic tennis! Cassidy is another veteran who always brings such a good attitude, that I find myself happy to have her in my group! She is a senior this year and is so supportive of the beginners. This makes me very proud.
Wendy is new to the team, but has played tennis - bonus for us! And we have freshman twins who just joined the team who also have played tennis, Alicia & Georgia! Melanie, Molly & Deb are three more, who couldn't make Monday's practice.

It was a great practice. The next practice is Wednesday!

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