Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly Recap - 3.15.10

Last week was full of ups and downs.

The girls' finished the robotics season and their club is hosting a dance with the intention of making money from entrance fees and refreshment sales. It is the first dance that they have worked on and they are learning a great deal about planning, organization and actually turning a profit. All good. They have encountered pitfalls along the way, some club members dropping the ball, deciding not to help or doing it poorly. All important life lessons.

My partner and I played an awful tennis match on Tuesday. Our opponents were awful, the facility was awful and we played awfully! But, throughout it all my partner, Natasha kept a wonderful attitude and was kind, gracious and patient. We both were all to happy to get off the court. We talked about our match afterwards and came up with some new game plans. So, overall, we took a bad experience and turned it into something helpful. Plus, I learned that Natasha is a great person through & through, in good times and in bad.

I got up the courage to bake macarons - not to be confused with macaroons. Macarons are hot all over baking blogs.... they are a challenge to make, some bloggers travel to baking clinics to learn to make them.
I researched them then tackled them. The results... wait for my post tomorrow!

Jon has spring break next week, but first a mid-term in his class on Wednesday. He is preparing for a killer test, or quote his Russian professor, "a little quiz".

March 17th is Wednesday. Can't wait for St. Patrick's Day!

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