Saturday, April 03, 2010

Cooking the Books - Results

Here is the sign to the entrance. There were a lot of entries this year... many kid entries which were really cute. And the results are....
I won for Best Representation of a Book! I was surprised because there were a lot of entries! But, I retained my title!

Best Pun for "Much Ado about Muffins" aka "Much Ado About Nothing."
A child's entry won with a chocolate choo-choo.
This one was DEVOURED by little kids at noon!

This one (my other one) won Best in Show. The librarian said that everyone loved it, little kids and little old ladies giggled at the briefs!
Well done and very high...hard to do and not get a lopsided cake.

I didn't understand this one....
Cocolat - this one was easy to devour.
Timmie Poh's entry
Another little kid's entry
Adorable kid's work
Girl with the Dragon Tatoo - I didn't quite understand this one.
Leaves of Grass was a favorite entry.
Another kid's entry
This one was a bunch of twinkies for the "1984" book.

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