Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food Show

Dad & I went to the Dole & Bailey Spring 2010 Food Show in Meredith, NH today. This was my first food show and it was very interesting. Dad has been to many other food shows, as Dole & Bailey offers them 2X a year for food industry professionals. I have been to other types of trade shows, - heat treating ones and even one for sportswear, but never food.
I was quite impressed. There were 43 vendors at the beautiful Lakehouse Restaurant on Lake Winnepesaukee. According to the website, the Lakehouse is part of the Common Man restaurant group that owns other restaurants and diners in NH.
We were one of the first to enter and they gave us some lovely reusuable bags to hold all the literature from the vendors.
Overall, the vendors really did a great job with their presentations. There were gorgeous displays of cheeses, spices (that made my nose itch) ice cream from Ciao Bella, meats, Japanese food, tea, sausage, desserts, pastries and more. Dad and I went to most of the vendors. We had so many samples that I felt full before we left!
Interestingly, many of the vendors were promoting how sustainable and environmentally friendly their products were. One veal vendor went so far as to promote that the veal has a "no more chains" campaign. There were antibiotic free and chemical free birds, ducks and meat. It was very interesting.

Many vendors prepared yummy samples, including a very unusual display that Dad & I thought were caviars. They were in fact little flavor pearls in various colors and flavors, both sweet and savory. I sampled the pink shallot & vinegar one. It was something you would serve on raw oysters. I just had to try it because it sounded so intriguing. The flavor pearls looked like pink caviar but tasted like shallots in vinegar. Other uses for the flavor pearls are garnish for desserts or drinks.
Most of the vendors recognized Dad from previous shows or from stopping in at the restaurant. It was a beautiful day to drive to Meredith and Dad and I had a fun time. I was glad he invited me to the show!

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