Thursday, April 15, 2010

Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall...

Things were going so well this week. The sun was out, Dad & I went to an awesome food show, the girls tennis team was improving and then POW! I had car trouble.

Well, to be honest, I didn't have car trouble as in I ran out of gas or the engine wouldn't turn over. It was car trouble as in the key went in the ignition but wouldn't budge. Neither would the steering wheel.

So, I checked my owner's manual and did what it told me. "This is an easy problem". Well, NOTHING.
I called the Lexus Service Dept and did what they told me. "This is a piece of cake". NOTHING.
I called Dave Marshall down the street who kindly dropped everything and came over. "I will have this fixed in no time". NOTHING.

So, I finally called Roadside Assistance. My car is on its way to the dealership via a tow-truck as we speak.
But, because my car was parked in the garage, the tow truck driver had to do some very interesting maneuvering to get the car out. Remember, the wheels won't turn....

After an hour of me worrying that the car will be ruined, he managed to get it on the truck.
He then told me that he has to take if off the truck because it is facing the wrong direction and air currents will tear the sunroof off.
Oh, Dear.

So, I am here counting my blessings.
1. I was safe at home when I was "stranded".
2. I was so fortunate to have a mechanic down the road who was willing to come help me.
3. I was blessed that the Roadside Assistance responded so quickly.

I hope to hear from the service dept tomorrow.

I am now praying that my car will survive and that the repair bill will not bleed me dry.

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Ally said...

My own recent auto repair bill bled me dry to the tune of $1,700! Good luck.