Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mixology Class!

Today, I took a Mixology class at the Home Hill Inn in Plainfield, NH. The Home Hill Inn is a beautiful inn set in a wooded setting. My friend and tennis partner, Natasha suggested the idea and found some other friends interested...
Here is Deb, shaking away a cocktail...
Nancy was busy muddling the makings of an Old Fashioned....
Yours Truly was mixing a cocktail. I look like I had one too many at this point, but truthfully, I had not indulged!
Here is our bartender Brooke, putting the final touches on a Gin & Tonic... Below is a perfectly beautiful Cosmopolitan...
And Natasha enjoyed a beautiful Cosmopolitan. Just checking to make sure it was done properly!
The bar was set up for us upon arrival, complete with all the drink glasses, bar tools and paperwork - recipes!
The bar was organized beautifully, each bottle of liquor was organized by type and was clean complete with pourers on the bottles that had mesh screens to keep the fruit flies out!
The glasses were displayed by type - again, beautifully!
Brooke told us that they don't keep a blender at the bar, so margaritas and daiquiris are made in a shaker, not a frozen drink. Bellinis are made with peach schnapps. The drink menu is given out with the food menu and changes seasonally!.

The Home Hill Inn also offered a pasta making class. Once a month they will offer a food and a drink class. It was very enjoyable!

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