Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tax Day Approaching

April 15th, the annual dreaded tax day, is less than 48 hours away. But, the press has released numbers on who actually pays taxes and the results are horrifying.
"Nearly Half of US Households Escape Income Tax" is the headline and the numbers to back it up scare me.
While everyone is required to file tax statements, not everyone is required to pay taxes. So, with numbers as high as 50% of people NOT paying taxes, exactly how are true taxpayers represented?

Our nation is at a point where one taxpayer is being forced to pay for another person or persons taxes. Is this ethical? Is this American?
Let's get right down to it. Why should I work hard and pay my taxes, when the person standing to my left AND the person standing to my right are exempt? I have no say in the government services that my taxes pay for. I have no way of knowing if these tax programs are truly effective or even going to people who need them. And yet, I am required to pay, pay, pay.

With rates as high as 50% of non-tax payers, is it any wonder the government is so big? With so many dependent people, there is no way that they are going to change their ways. "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"

50% non-taxpayers is startling. This is not a case of taking care of the less fortunate, such as cases of poverty or disability, this is a case of abuse of the system.

When 10% of tax filers pay 73% of the yearly income taxes, something is wrong!
Bailouts for Wall Street and then the group gives out million dollar bonuses!
Lifetime politicians who have "golden" health plans for life.
Nancy Pelosi who flies her family on government jets as if she were handing out copy paper.

And yet, the 50% that pay taxes, are asked to pay more and more taxes. Rates for everything have increased, just in past 18 months. And yet, there is no end in sight to our transformation into complete socialism.
I wish that the politicians could comprehend that THERE IS NO MORE MONEY. These politicians sit in one of their government funded offices, where their health care, food, drinks, transportation, clothing and makeup are paid for by 50% of taxpayers.
Who is representing us?

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