Saturday, April 10, 2010


Guess what I am going to do next?

A. Don a cape and be a superhero's sidekick?
B. Get into a sidecar?
C. Go deep see diving in Pleasant Lake?
D. Chop an onion without crying?

If you guessed "D" you would be correct. Last week, Jon brought me these as a gift. The week before, I was chopping onions and they were particularly pungent. My eyes started tearing. This is something new, as I have chopped many onions and don't usually tear. But, these must have been strong or maybe I am getting weak!
So, Jon found these onion goggles and bought them for me.
They form a barrier around my eyes, a la safety goggles for the kitchen and I don't tear up.

They work. And they are comfortable.
I just look like I am about to embark on a strange adventure when I wear them!


Ally said...

That photo should SO be for your blog header :D

DannyB said...