Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week Ahead....

Well, this week was so busy, I felt like we were constantly in a state of motion!
The i-pads arrived last weekend and we are all so pleased. Truly, they are revolutionary and so hard to categorize.
They are computers, but not lap tops and not traditional models. They have been referred to as "tablets" and I think that classification doesn't do it justice. Like tablets, they are flat and thin. I am impressed with the capability and speed of the i-pad. Jon and the girls use them for school notes, listening to lectures and music.
We spent some time this weekend showing Jon's mother how to use her ipad. It works well, particularly for the generation that was not raised on computers and sees them as glorified typewriters. Now, she is beginning to see that she can use a computer.

We had our first match on Wednesday and as you know it went so well! Luckily, the Friday match was cancelled due to rain. I say luckily, because it was exhausting. I am in the middle of trying to get things in order at the school. Between giving out uniforms, getting the courts in shape and "going through the proper channels", I am exhausted.
The team has been doing so well. They are a good bunch of girls who want to improve. I started them doing some fitness and they have started doing it on their own! I am very pleased to see that. They went for a run, asking permission to do so before practice. I couldn't believe my ears!

Tomorrow's match is at Pembroke, so a 45 minute drive from the school, one of our closest matches!
On Tuesday, Dad and I are going to a SYSCO food show. That should be very interesting.

We have matches scheduled for Wed & Friday - weather permitting.
Then the girls have April vacation next week.

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