Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blessings: Family

Each day, I consciously try to "count my blessings". I know that it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily chores, activities and mundane tasks. But, even through a typical day, I can usually (easily) find some things that I consider "blessings" or things I am grateful for.
Some things are huge - avoiding an accident with my car or finding a lost check. But other things seem small in the scope of things, but make me happy. Proportionally, it is the little blessings that reward me with the biggest amounts of gratitude!

Take this past week, for example. It seems that for the past 4 weeks, I have been going full bore with tennis - matches scheduled every day and being out from 2 pm - after 8 pm with little food or even a chance to go to the bathroom. But, even so, there have been lots of blessings. This week - my family is my blessing.

On Sunday, M's bridal shower was held at her friend Holly's house. A few things happened that made me smile and even some that made me laugh whole heartedly.

Dad packed a delicious chocolate mousse - complete with cooler, ice packs and serving cups (that we didn't need afterall!). He had everything prepared so it took but a moment to put it all in my car.

Before M arrived, Piera was very busy - setting up tents, putting out food, cleaning, decorating and organizing things. While the event was held at Holly's house, it was Piera who set up tiki torches to keep the very hungry mosquitos away.
Piera was dressed to work, in clean clothes, but not exactly party clothes. Now, when the guests began to arrived, one woman went over to Piera and greeted her with a giant warm smile. Since I didn't know this woman (a friend of M's), I assumed that she was also a friend of Piera. WRONG. This woman didn't know Piera or should I say - didn't know just how much M & P look alike. The dialog went something like this:

Guest: Well, Hello Friend!
Piera: (reserved and polite) Hello.
Guest: What are you doing working today? This is your day, you shouldn't be working.
Piera: (gets the message). Oh, I am Piera, M's twin sister. M hasn't arrived yet.
Guest: Sure! That's a good one! I can't believe that you are doing all this for your own bridal shower!
Piera: I am Piera - I am REALLY M's twin sister. I live in New York and M should be here soon.
Guest: (looks around the room at all the faces staring at her, longing her to believe Piera) I had no idea. Really, or are you pulling my leg!

Poor Piera, this happened at least 2 other times that I know of at the party!
This was actually funny -very funny. And it told me more about Marilena and what a joker she must be with her friends than I knew!

At the shower, I saw how hard Piera worked on some poems and ideas for M. It was really sweet and quite nice. It was eye opening to see how the twins have grown into women. Both are getting married! Yikes!

Laurie & I drove together to Maine and it was a very pleasant drive. I enjoyed catching up with her, hearing about Dame, Theo & Claudia.

When I arrived home, Jon, Allie & Ashley were busy cleaning the garage and working on the four wheelers. It was a perfectly busy day - but one that I was able to appreciate my family and how much they do for each other!

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