Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Blessings: Tea

Tea. Glorious Tea. Delicious hot or cold, with so many varieties - black, herbal or green. Then there are the "new" flavors - vanillas or pomegranate or how about seasonal flavors put out by Celestial Seasonings like Sugar Cookie, Gingerbread or their Red Zinger?
All are delicious - some more than others - but when brewed in clean water they are calorie free with medicinal benefits - like antioxidants and more.
This image of iced tea is a sure reminder that summer & warm weather are almost here. Lipton even propagated the idea of "sun tea" that a giant jar of water with teabags is left out in the sun and voila "the sun" brews the tea. Isn't that a lovely and romantic image of summer? Well, the reality is that the sun doesn't brew the tea after all and that same pitcher will brew in the fridge or on the counter - even without the glorious sun. But, which image do you prefer? I know I prefer the thought that my tea was made solar powered.
My father enjoys a cup of hot tea in the morning and then throughout the day, refills the empty cup (with the tea bag still intact) with water. He brews his own "sun tea" all day long, seeping out all the benefits a tea bag has to offer.
That brings me to my latest favorite way of enjoying tea - the tea latte.
Tea lattes will work with any flavor of tea. Simply brew your tea strongly (2 bags for a cup, 4 bags for a pot) and add to some steamed milk. Now, some barristers suggest a 1:1 ration of milk to tea. Many suggest using 2% milk. Some suggest adding sweetener or a flavored syrup. Me - I prefer my tea latte like my traditional latte, made with skim milk and no sweetener.
And of course, it is delicious chilled for those hot days (like today, in fact!).


Oh, for those of you who have not tried a tea latte, don't be afraid. Tea lattes are the younger sister to the traditional latte made with espresso or coffee. Tea lattes are a lighter, almost naturally sweeter sibling to the energizing jolt of the java infused drink.

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