Monday, May 31, 2010

End of the Season BBQ for the Tennis Team

We had our end of the season BBQ today at Elkins Beach. It was gorgeous!
I also got to finally grill at the beach! As a child, I have always wanted to grill at the BBQ's at the beach and watched enviously as parties did that! Today was my day!
It was so much fun.

Here is the successful grill! I grilled chicken breasts and hot dogs.
And if you can believe it, I found these huge marshmallows at Market Basket - they are the size of tennis balls! I thought they would be perfect for after the meal!

A couple of the girls (exchange students) had never had a roasted marshmallow. Here is Helena trying her first roasted marshmallow! She loved it!

Here are the kids taking a swim!
And here is everyone enjoying the jumbo marshmallows! It was a lot of fun and the girls were thrilled.
They were so kind.. The team gave me a picture of all of us and they each signed it! Plus they gave me a gift basket filled with candles in scents "that reminded them of me" such as cupcake - buttercream and cake batter!!!
The girls were great all season and had a wonderful time today! I will miss them

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