Saturday, May 29, 2010

End of Season Tennis Tournament

We had the tournament at the high school on Friday. The weather was beautiful and the participants were excited....
Here are the courts with matches going on. I brought balloons, snacks, drinks and prizes for the winners!
The Souliotis' generously brought 7 pizzas and drinks!

And then we had the mascots. Well - the COUGAR is the Kearsarge mascot - but the fierce cougar did not show.... But, instead we were gifted with the presence of...

A turtle found his way up from the pond and onto the courts! One of the girls found him stuck in the net!So, Allie brought him to safety, back in the pond!

Then a giant dragonfly dropped in - actually, dropped onto Skyler's shorts!

The tournament was tremendous fun! Coach Service and I teamed up and played against the kids, too! Overall, the tennis was fantastic. The girls played their best and Allie was kind enough to be tournament director while I was busy playing tennis!
Congratulations to Ashley & Skyler - winners and Melanie & Georgia - Consolation winners!

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