Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Great Find for Glasses!

Allie has been wearing glasses now for a while and Ashley just started in late December. While we are very happy that their vision can be improved with the glasses, it is also a HUGE expense.
And, glasses get broken... usually at the worst times.
So, when Ashley got her first set of glasses, I was prepared for the sticker shock - the glasses and eye exam ran up to almost $450!
She is very careful with them, but accidents do happen and since she wears them playing tennis, there is always the added risk that comes from being active.
I heard of a website 39dollarglasses.com and I must admit, I was highly skeptical.

As careful as Ashley was being with her glasses, I saw them fall to the ground on the tennis court and realized that if they broke, she would be without glasses until we could get them fixed, or depending on the break - she might need a whole new pair altogether.
Visions of hundreds of dollars ran through my head and I spoke to Ash about it.
Just as suspected, she was willing to give the $39 glasses a try.
I don't think that either of us suspected what arrived in less than 1 week from placing our order.
Ashley chose a pair of frames similar to her original ones. And I purchased her a pair of sunglasses - also prescription, so that they would protect her eyes from the UV rays, etc.
Both prescription glasses arrived in less than a week, with hard cases, cleaning cloths and mini-screwdrivers. And all for $100!
Yes, 2 pairs of prescription glasses with lenses, cases, cleaning cloths, screwdrivers for less than I paid for the eye exam!

Ashley immediately tried on the glasses and loves them.

The 39dollarglasses.com website is easy to navigate, clear to read and easy to chose glasses by frame type (metal, plastic, sunglass) or face shape (oval, heart, round, etc).
All we needed was her written prescription - which we had and can get from our eye doctor if needed, a ruler (to measure the distance between her pupils) and a credit card.
Not all glasses are $39, some are more $49, $59, etc. But there is a fantastic selection of all prices and all styles.

The frames and lenses are of the same quality as her original ones.
What a relief.
She now has a back up pair - (although I think she is wearing her back up pair as her main glasses, now!) and sunglasses for tennis.

This was a great find.

And they do sell sunglasses for people who don't want a prescription lens in them as well - to wear with contacts or those lucky enough to have good vision.

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