Monday, May 03, 2010

High School Tennis - match 6

Today's match brings us to 5-1! We had another victory!
Today's match (winning score 5-4) was interesting in that it it was pouring rain at 2 pm. This meant that the courts were wet and full of puddles at 2:30! The girls and I set out to dry the courts - we had 2 working rollers that spread the puddles out and helps the courts dry. We had one broken roller that seems to add water, rather than spread it out.
But, when I got to the courts, the trash can (that I sent 2 requests to be emptied) was overflowing. When I went out to find the custodian to empty it, I was shown to the empty office and told that they leave school by 2 pm each day!
Well, resourceful as I am, I found all the supplies in the custodian's office that I needed! Extra large trash bags, brooms and even an stranded tennis uniform!

OK - I don't know how the tennis uniform ended up in the custodian's office, but I was glad to find it. One of the girls on the team told me that she didn't know the office existed. I told her that "this is where the bodies are buried!"

Anyway, the team worked to get the court clear and with the addition to the hot sun, we had them dry in about 25 minutes.

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