Friday, May 14, 2010

Local Products - Homemade Butter

I love to use delicious and healthy food products, particularly when they are local. Nowadays, the definition of local is questionable - as "local" has become a marketing term that really is quite subjective. Kate's is a butter making plant in Maine, specifically Old Orchard Beach that sells homemade butter & buttermilk to grocers near us.
(In this case, local means Maine - not too far away, but not in-town either.)

Kate's website is informative - with recipes, nutritional facts and info about their family. They purchase cream from local farms, who use no hormones, no additives, nothing artificial.
All the butter is made from cream from cows fed with no hormones, no additives, no antibiotics.

The butter is sold in stick form or in these little tubs - both unsalted and sea salted. I was able to purchase the unsalted tub at Hannaford, but Market Basket only had the salted variety. But, Market Basket had the buttermilk, which I use frequently in baking.
The great thing about the tub - aside from being truly all natural - nothing added - just cream - is that after you open the lid, you peel back a layer of foil that protects the butter from refrigerator odors... if the butter hangs around that long.

I had been purchasing the Land O Lakes whipped butter - as Allie & Ashley love to eat bread. When I make a homemade loaf or buy artisan breads, they tear off a piece and eat it with a little spread of butter. Since they don't use a lot of butter, I wanted them to have a nice flavored butter and found Kate's.
Now, I know, butter is not hard to make - just whip cream and store in the fridge. But, I like that Kate's Butter is made with no additives.

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