Sunday, May 02, 2010

May Day! May Day!

It is already May 2nd and I feel like we are in the middle of summer. Today was a beautiful 80 degrees and gorgeous.
This month is usually crazy. The weather runs the gambit from snow, ice, sleet, rain, strong winds and intense heat -- sometimes all in the same week.
In addition, the girls are at a point in school where they are preparing for the end of the year with tests, applications, projects and finals.
Additionally, we have so much going on in May.
We have 4 matches this week (9 remaining) and then the state matches. Allie's junior prom is next weekend. There is Mother's Day weekend, Jon's birthday, M's Bridal Shower and more.

Today, we had practice at the courts at 10 am. 9 girls showed up and were fantastic. The temperature warmed up quickly, once the sun came out and the bugs were awful! But, it was a good practice.

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