Monday, May 10, 2010


We had to make the difficult decision to put Noddy to rest today. She had been having some problems and made a turn for the worse yesterday. We have had her since 1998 and we adored her! She had the cutest coloring - gray fir with white "socks" and a white belly.
Here is little Nadia when we first brought her home in 1998. She was the runt of the litter and the women at the SPCA didn't think that she would get adopted as they had so many kittens and she was "the runt". She was personable, cute and adorable. Instantly, she came up to me at the shelter when I was looking at all the kittens. She was a playful kitten and would run around and flip -- so I thought of the gymnast Nadia Comenich.
She was a favorite of everyone. We all fell in love with her.
She was a good cat, quiet, calm, affectionate but not a nuisance....
Here is her mother! Ash tended to her like a doting mother and Noddy would follow Ashley around. Ashley could even call Noddy, like you would call a dog! She was such a peaceful cat that she would sleep in Gram's chair with Gram during the day.
Gram, who used to be frightened of cats, would get nervous having Noddy sitting next to her. We would always remove Noddy, but one day, Gram asked us to leave her and they were friends from that day on.
We even caught Gram petting Nod, one day!

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