Thursday, May 13, 2010

Political Elite

By this time, it is not a surprise to hear that politicians live by a different set of rules (some would say laws) than the rest of us. What is stupefying to note, is that our country is founded on the belief that "all men are created equal" but apparently, there is some discussion to what "equal" means.
Take the Clintons for example - remember the former president lawyering his way out of a question..."that depends what the definition of "is" is"....
Hillary Clinton still owes $770,000 to a firm for her failed White House bid.

The Clintons hired a firm, Penn Schoen Berland, to market their campaign to the tune of $24 million dollars. They have an outstanding balance of over $770,000- which is still unpaid.

The Clintons as of 2007 had a combined income of $109,000,000. But, rather than paying their debt, they are doing what the Clintons have done in the past - pimp out Bill Clinton.

For an internet donation for as little as $5 - you could be entered into a raffle to spend the day with Bill Clinton.
This is not the first time that Bill Clinton has raffled himself off to pay Hillary's debts.
What is interesting to note in this situation is that the Clintons - who continue to be paid for speaking engagements, book royalties, etc refuse to pay their bill.

Any other person would see court battles, arrests, loss of jobs etc. But, not the Clintons.
The story gets more interesting when it is noted that the firm to which they owe the money is owned by a former aid to Clinton.

So, the Clintons - who have "gold plan health care" for the rest of their lives, security, housing, vacations, pension and travel expenses all paid for by American taxpayers --now want Americans to foot the bill for their failed presidential bid. And, sadly, Americans will do it.

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