Saturday, May 01, 2010

Quck Update

Here is a quick update...

The tennis match went well - all things considered-- but we lost, 4-5!
We were short players, yet everyone who played gave it their all!

We are scheduled to play this team again on Tuesday and I think we have a good shot of improving! Stay tuned!
Kearsarge's record is now 4-1.
1S - K's Allie Mellen def Emily Halland 8-4
2S - K's Ashley Mellen lost to Jingya Qiu 5-8
3S - K's Sadie Courser def Kang-Chun Chang 9-7
4S - K's Cassidy Rucker lost to Tamara Marks 3-8
5S - K's Helena Kratochvilova def Arianna Marks 8-3
6S - K's Melanie Corely lost to Jen Arnold 0-8

1D K's Mellen/Mellen def Halland/Qiu 8-4
2D K's Courser/Kratochvilova lost to Chang/Arnold 2-8
3D K's Rucker/ Corely lost to Marks/Marks 5-8

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