Monday, May 31, 2010

Recipe: Club Sandwich

Club Sandwiches originated in resorts and country clubs as far back as the 19th century!
Born out of necessity - it was probably first made of leftovers - bacon, meats and vegetables.
Typically, it has lettuce, tomato, bacon, sliced turkey, mayonnaise and three slices of bread!

Today, there are as many variations of the Classic Club as you can imagine!
But the traditional sandwich is simple, elegant and filling.

When I was a little child, my father would ask me what I wanted for lunch and I can remember asking with great anticipation for a "Club Sandwich". My father made the best lunch and I can remember eating the sandwich on a very sunny day totally happy tasting smoky bacon.

When Jon & I were in college, I introduced him to the club sandwich. As a matter of fact, we would eat it for lunch 3 - 4 times a week, so much so that our microwave (where I cooked the bacon) perpetually smelled like bacon!
Some tips on making "the best" Club Sandwich -

1- use a tasty, sturdy bread like a multi grain or a oat bread
2- toast it lightly - too toasty and it becomes tough and hard, but lightly toasted produces a little crisp crust and a soft interior
3- crisp the bacon - you don't want soft or soggy bacon - microwaving it is a good choice as it renders the fat really well.
4- slice the tomatoes thinly and season with salt & pepper
5 - wash the lettuce and dry thoroughly

Toast 3 slices of bread per sandwich. Spread 2 slices one one side with mayo. On one slice of bread, layer lettuce, tomato, bacon and sliced turkey. (I prefer chicken - others like ham or combinations of the above). Spread mayo on both sides of the remaining slice of bread and add to sandwich.
Then, pile on last layer.
My father used to slice the bread into triangles - "classic club" and it was delicious this way.

Use large toothpicks to keep the tall sandwich together and enjoy for a large meal.
Half a sandwich if quite filling!

Variations - substitute or add different fillings such as avocado, onion, cheese.

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