Sunday, May 30, 2010

Useful Tools - Corn Zipper

Now, I LOVE kitchen gadgets... I admit. But, I am very critical of them and so I only keep ones that I absolutely love.
Garlic chopper? I believe it is called a knife.
I find that many of these dedicated tools are not as useful as you might think. Sure, some work well - but the cleaning is atrocious or the storage is too much. Or some of the tools are just not worth it. Do I need a dedicated tool called a "mayonnaise spatula" to spread mayo on sandwiches when an spatula or knife will work?

With all that critical thinking, I get a thrill when I find a tool that actually works well, isn't hard to clean and isn't hard to store when not in use. Imagine my surprise when I bought a corn zipper and decided to KEEP it!
(The only ones not thrilled were my girls - as they are the dedicated "Corn Shuckers" of our home and it is not their favorite chore.)

Now, there was a time when I could eat corn on the cob - (slathered with peanut butter sometimes) and loved it. But, since my lower tooth chipped due to night grinding, I have had to be very careful. I could no longer eat like a cave man and enjoy it without a dental bill souring my mood.
Jon, on the other hand, has always been more dignified (depending on my mood, I sometimes say fussy) and has always preferred to eat corn off-the-cob with a spoon.
So, I have always sliced the kernels off the corn for him. Ashley adopted this tradition and soon enough so did Allie and sadly, so did I.
Now, it is perfectly acceptable to slice cooked corn or raw corn kernels with a knife. But, I felt like due to the cylindrical nature of the cob, I missed out of some of the kernels and was left with harsh looking sliced corn....
OK - I realize that I am quite fussy myself to even notice such a thing.

But, then I found this beauty on

An honest to goodness corn zipper.
At first, I was skeptical, since my knife did a good job of removing kernels and I really didn't need to store yet another kitchen tool in my drawer.
But, then I caved and purchased the $13 item.

No more square bottom edges to corn kernels. Now, I have properly shaped kernels, just the way Mother Nature intended!

But, in all seriousness, it is a good tool. The blades are sharp - very sharp and do a great job of removing the kernels from the cob - both cooked and raw. I have very little waste as it really shaves the kernels or I guess the proper term is "zips".
I find myself purchasing more corn at the grocery store and so far - the spring crop is out of this world delicious.

The only ones not thrilled with my new toy are the Chief Corn Shuckers!

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