Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Did you know?

Dad gets the monthly restaurant industry magazines and saves them for me. Pizza Today is full of trendy information and some interesting facts. This month's issue was very intriguing.
It included the nation's top 10 selling Imported Beers courtesy of Beer Industry Update.
Now, I must confess - I am TERRIBLE at knowing if beer is imported or domestic - I mean, I am aware that Bud Light is American, but to be honest - I didn't know that Heineken was imported! I thought it was an America beer with a souped up name! OK - I can see Dad shaking his head at this, but it is true!!!!

But, I found the list to be very interesting. Of the 10 beers on the list, I have only tasted 2! I have never heard of the some and only vaguely heard of some of the others! Boy, talk about ignorance!
So, I challenge you.... Take a guess and tell me the top imported beer.

OK, counting down from #10....

10. Heineken Premium Light
9. Labatt Blue (haven't heard of this one)
8. Stella Artois (only vaguely heard of this one)
7. Dos Equis (vaguely heard of this one)
6. Guinness
5. Corona Light (I've tried this one!)
4. Tecate

3. Modelo Espcecial (I had not heard of this one!)

2. Heineken (Many people guessed that this was the top imported beer!)

1. Corona Extra

OK - I admit I drink this one... with lime and love it with chili and Mexican food!

Now, I have to find out about domestic beers....any guesses?

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