Monday, June 28, 2010

Lavender Wands

Lavender Wand
Lavender Bottle

Lavender is a lovely herb that grows well here in NH. I love the smell of fresh lavender - love it so much that I planted 8 plants this year and plan on planting even more next year!
There are many Victorian crafts that use lavender and "lavender wands" are one of them.
Cut lavender spikes early in the blooming violet flower (not at full bloom).
Use an odd number of spikes, a minimum of 7 and tie them together with ribbon or wire.

Just tied together is a basic wand.
You can get fancy and weave the ribbon throughout the spikes. If you are interested in instructions for this process, click on this link from Garden Gate Magazine.

Hang the wand in your closet, put in with your linens or pajamas and it will release its lovely scent for many years.

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