Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Laws for the Immature

Perhaps you have heard about a California town banning fast food restaurants from advertising toys in order to entice children into purchasing their Happy Meal?
The article (and law) go further stating all the bad things or "crap" that are in Happy Meals and how what poor nutritional value they contain.

No one disputes that a $3.99 Happy Meal is not a healthy meal for children. No one disputes that McDonalds "food" is not good, not healthy and actually very bad for you.

The law is designed to force McDonalds (and other fast food giants) into doing what a parent needs to do -make the decisions for your children & family.
Fast Food giants can create any commercial they want, advertising their fatty food or their cheap toys. It is the parent who must decide whether or not to purchase these things.
It is not toddlers, preschoolers or even elementary school children who decide to drive to McDonalds to purchase a Happy Meal!

So, rather than having an educational talk with your children about fast food, rather than parenting your child to learn what "no" means, this law attempts to go after McDonalds.
At what point do we start taking responsibility for our actions as parents?
At what point do we start using our brains and realize that because we see it advertised doesn't mean we have to buy it?

The bigger picture is obvious. The main issue is not that McDonalds encourages children to want their product, the issue is that parents must create boundaries based on their own values.

Who is the government to say that a business can't advertise their product? As a consumer, it is up to me to make the choice to purchase or NOT to purchase the product. It is not the government's place to censor legal products from being advertised.


Laurie said...

Stupid law suit. Their toys suck anyway. My kids just want the fries, not the junky toys ;-)

(and I'll note that they only eat them very rarely, I know better than to feed them that crap!)

DannyB said...

Funny, even the kids aren't interested in the toys!