Sunday, June 20, 2010

Movie Review - The A Team

We went to see The A Team Movie (remake) for Father's Day and all I can say is "I love it when a plan comes together!"
I admit that I wasn't expecting much - as I have fond memories of the television show that ran during the 1980s and didn't think anything could live up to those memories. But, the movie did it justice!
Yes, the movie was in fact a remake. Yes, they changed the storyline, the backstory and even the characters a bit.
But, the movie retained the best parts of the show - the loyalty, camaraderie and the bonding of the original series.
Liam Neeson is extraordinary as Hannibal Smith - he doesn't imitate George Peppard's character, but he does make him a leader, strong and strategic.
B.A. Baracus is played by Rampage Jackson and is a modern day "Mr. T" but tough and sensitive.
Face -played by Bradley Cooper is likable and humorous, just like in the original.
But, the new Murdoch is FANTASTIC. He plays the lovable yet crazy pilot. And he PULLS IT OFF!

The critics didn't like the remake and gave it bad reviews, but the consumers seem to like it! I sure do. I also wasn't expecting a deep intellectual thriller - but this movie paid homage to the show and yet modernized it for today's audience.

I missed the cameos made by the original actors - (Dirk Benedict & Dwight Schultz) as they rolled after the credits! Darn!

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