Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saint Gaudens Historic Site

Ashley and I took a drive to Saint Gaudens Historic Site in Cornish, NH today. It was a beautiful day and the site was lovely.
Saint Gaudens is a artistic site with gardens, sculptures and artist houses on site.
Here is one of the gardens, maintained very beautifully.
A gold statue in one of the gardens.
This is a 8 foot tall golden statue of an angel inside one of the buildings on the grounds.
A giant bust of Lincoln off one of the buildings.

Here is a temple on the grounds - built for a performance in the early 1900s.

There are well kept grounds, artists in resident who give tours and demonstrations, hiking trails and picnic areas. There was even a graduation ceremony going on in one field. It was beautiful, peaceful and well maintained. I bought a family pass so that we can go back as much as we want.
Ash and I did one quick trail - the Ravine Trail -- that was short (1/4 mile long) but steep and through a wooded area. We plan on going back and doing the 2 mile trail next time.

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DamianC said...

I have always been meaning to get to that place, it looks wonderful, and peaceful.