Saturday, June 26, 2010

Strange....Even for New Hampshire

Today's Concord Monitor features a story about geese culling in Newbury/Bradford NH.
In case you didn't know what "culling" means (and I did not know, prior to reading the story) it is a procedure in which geese are trapped in nets - (by force if necessary or by being lured into them) by wildlife officials and then captured and euthanized.
Now this culling is authorized if the geese are a "nuisance" and non-lethal means have failed to removed them from the property.

Now, here is where the situation gets weird (weirder?). In this situation, a Lake Todd homeowner was distraught that Canadian geese use their lakeside lawn as a toilet. So, they tried shooing them away, spreading "geese repellent" on the lawn (what is that anyway?) and other non-lethal methods.
When all else failed, they called NH Wildlife who captured the flock near their home and in the water near their home and euthanized 21 geese.

Neighbors are in an uproar and the situation has me shaking my head in confusion.

First, does this make any sense?
The wildlife dept did not remove all the geese from the lake - just those loitering on the lawn of the residence & the nearby waters. So exactly how successful do they think this mission will be? Don't they assume that the property is desirable for other geese or just those 21 dead ones? Are they planning on coming back again?

Second, does this sound appropriate?
I would never describe myself as an a member of PETA or animal protection groups - but this action sounds a little extreme to me. The geese are flying bye, following their natural instincts, they find a good place to molt and do so and the Wildlife gestapo comes along and kills them?
This is Newbury or Bradford, New Hampshire on a lake!

The Kicker ---
Another resident of the lake who lives on the adjacent side of the lake keeps 4 Canadian geese as pets! Ha! Oh, the ridiculousness of this situation is unreal...

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