Saturday, June 12, 2010

Useful Tools - Helmet that Stinks when Broken!

Here is an interesting concept - a helmet that stinks when it is broken!
Developers have come up with a bicycle helmet that emits a terrible "stink" if it has cracked and is no longer protective. This way - riders know definitively that the helmet is no longer protective.

Some helmets will crack on the inside - but not appear to be cracked to the wearer. In most cases, riders will throw out helmets when in doubt - to err on the side of safety. But, this is wasteful for those that dispose of helmets that drop -but are not damaged.

In this case, the helmet emits a stink so bad that there is no doubt that the helmet is no longer protective. Quite ingenious, particularly when "inexpensive" helmets run a minimum of $50 a piece.

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