Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back from Vacation

For our 20th Anniversary, we made a long weekend trip to The Balsams and had a fantastic time! The weather danced between absolutely hot and gorgeous to rainy to cool and cloudy. And each day was simply fantastic.
We did so many things. Many people that go to the Balsams are golfers and there is a beautiful panoramic golf course there. But, we don't play golf and still there was so much for us to do!
We played tennis, went swimming, went for walks, saw a "Mentalist", played in an arcade, played billiards. Allie & Jon went mountain biking while Ashley & I went running around the lake and boating in the peddleboats!
Allie & I took a "felting" course and made beautiful wool felt scarves.
I spent time drawing in the sunroom and we took so many beautiful pictures.
We ate absolutely delicious food, read books late into the night and just had a relaxing, pampered vacation!
My dining companions after another fabulous Balsams meal!

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