Thursday, July 22, 2010

Giant Jelly Fish

A giant jellyfish died in the waters off NH's small shoreline and washed up on Wallis Sands beach yesterday. The jellyfish weighed 50 pounds and was the size of a large hubcap. Over 150 people were stung by its stingers that broke off the corpse and came in contact with people in frolicking in the water. The beach was closed, but plans on reopening today.
A beach official removed the corpse with a pitchfork, but some of the stingers broke off in the process, causing them to scatter and reach unsuspecting beach-goers.

When Jon & I were in Antigua 10 years ago, we were in the water and we saw what we thought were plastic bags in the water -lots of them. It turns out that they were hundreds of jellyfish.
Jon got stung and it was quite painful and red for days. The jellyfish just have to touch you with their tentacles to "sting" you.

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