Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Heat Wave

The temperatures soared to over 100 degrees here in NH and the rest of the country wasn't far off! I heard that NYC & Washington was scorched as well, with the news referring to NYC as the "Baked Apple".
We are expecting some relief in terms of rain and slightly lower temperatures in a few days, but until then, take advantage of the hot weather and indulge in some delicious ways to keep cool!
Since, my tennis partner and I have taken to adding exercise workouts to our tennis game, I am finding myself thinking about food while on the treadmill, the bike, and the stepper in addition to on the tennis court.
So, keep cool and consider these options...
An icy cold glass of iced tea- summertime in a glass!
Chilled watermelon - artfully arranged of course and other luscious fruits! All high in water!
Frozen mojitos -OK - not exactly healthy, but certainly minty, delicious and oh so good!

Fresh fruit pureed and frozen into cool treats!
An Espresso Sundae - coffee ice cream, rich espresso syrup, whipped cream and cocoa powder! Save this one for after a winning match!
And for us, "Nutty People" a frosty Nutty Sundae - pistachio ice cream, raw honey, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts and whipped cream... oh la la!

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