Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hitting Close to Home

This year in Burlington, VT (practically our neighbor when in comes to New England villages) they took on "Till the Cows Come Home" similar to New London's Gnus last year. The city of Burlington spent $90,000 and each sponsor business spent $3,500 to commission a cow that an artist decorated.
They posted the cows outside their businesses with the hopes of attracting tourists and boosting the local economy.

This story hits close to home because I enjoyed the Gnus of New London. I walked the route with my daughters. I observed the various artists works. It brought a smile to my face.... Even the jokes about the Gnus were enjoyable...

Well, the innocent cows have become the target of drunken vandals who get a kick out of "tipping the 500 pound structures over". One such idiotic vandal did so and broke his foot in the process. His own lawyer called it "instant justice".
Businesses are worried. Not only do they have a large investment in these statues, but now it has become a cagey game of "cat & mouse" between the increasing number of vandals and the police.
Locals are now worried that when classes resume at the local university next month, that the attacks on the cows will increase further.

Pretty ridiculous when people spend their time & energy destroying artwork designed for others to enjoy. The vandals have all received light sentences of 1 - 2 nights in jail and are ordered to pay a small fee of restitution.
The reality is that the fees go unpaid and they do not cover the cost of the actual repair. None of this destruction had to take place - no one tipped a cow to save a life - they did it out of stupidity and boredom.

Oh, and you may have guessed, the liberals are up in arms that these vandals have to spend a night in jail over such a foolish crime!
Sometimes I wonder how much longer the human race will survive....

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