Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Memory Keeping

"A picture is worth a thousand words"... "Kodak Moment and Memory.
These are just some of the reasons I love taking pictures and then going back and looking at them minutes, days, years later...
Some pictures are lovely for their own artistic merit, some trigger emotions and others just spark a cherished memory.
Here is one picture that does just that. Perhaps, only a picture a mother could love....
Ashley, the culprit sitting on top of the piano was 3 years old and Allie, was 4 years old at the time. This was the room that we set up for their toys, so they could play. We took everything out that was dangerous or a hazard, but the piano stayed.
Sometimes they would "play" the keys, but mostly, it became a climbing post.
We spent months telling them not to climb and sure enough, each time, they had a minute unattended, that was the first thing they did!

In all fairness (as you can see from this photo) Allie wasn't the culprit. In fact, she was trying to convince her sister NOT to climb. Allie remained safely on the floor, coaxing, begging and pleading with her sister (the troublemaker) to get down!
When I walked in I saw two very determined little girls. One - a juvenile delinquent - proud of her success at scaling the forbidden structure (notice the smirk, the little dickens!)
Then, in the other corner, was Allie, arms crossed, frustrated at her sister's lack of attention to the rules.
This picture captured their childhood - ages 2 - 8, beautifully. Each time I see this photo, I am reminded of my little angels and how different they are from each other. I chuckle at the memory of Ashley - so brazen and proud of herself. I am touched by Allie's determination to do the right thing and her exasperation at being ignored!
Where did the time go?

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Laurie said...

Cute pic! (but I will refrain from showing it to my munchkins for now). LOL!!