Monday, July 05, 2010

Strawberry Picking

Last week, Allie, Ashley, Marc & I went strawberry picking! The girls and I have been picking strawberries for years at Pleasant Lake - owned by Spring Ledge. Some years are fantastic with the berries as huge as toddler's fists and other years the berries are tiny and sparse.
This year the berries were small, but very tasty.
Apparently, the late spring rains and cold killed the first crop of berries and these are the secondary berries -- something like that.
Either way, we had a great time and picked 20 pounds of berries in less than 30 minutes.
Here is the top berry picker of the morning! Ash picks good berries, very quickly. She is like a machine! Here she is after 90 seconds of berry picking!
Next, we have Allie who prefers to taste the berries and determine if they really are the best berries to be picking. She picks at a leisurely rate, but only the best berries!
Here is the "newbie" Marc. He went picking for the first time and was careful to observe Allie's methodology. He was getting the hang of it when he glanced over and saw the tray that Ashley and I were filling! He made some comment that "our tray had more berries than their tray and I was taking a picture of each berry before I picked it!"
Here are my field laborers, enjoying a break!

Ah, our hard work on display!
Then back home to make lots of jam!
This will taste great come February.

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piera said...

I hope you send some down to NY:)