Monday, July 05, 2010

True's Brook Gorge

True's Brook Gorge is located in Lebanon and is hidden away known to locals and high school kids. That is exactly how we found out about Trues Brook - through Allie, who found out about it from one of her friends.
True's Brook is a gorge and a swimming area with lots of rocks and beautiful scenery. Allie really enjoyed it and thought we would like it also.
We arrived and parked in the little lot. Allie led us down the path to the gorge which was beautifully lined with tree limbs. We walked for a little ways and saw a few points with quaint names and pretty views.
Here we came across the sign warning of the dangers of a gorge.
And here is the first view! Look at the giant rocks! Those people swimming look so tiny!

Here is another beautiful view!
And another beautiful view!
The gorge is open all year long and many people swim and sunbathe here. The rocks are beautiful but VERY slippery. The water's current is quite ferocious, even though the pools and streams are narrow at points.
It was a fun spot to find. I never would have found it without Allie directing us there!

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