Friday, August 27, 2010


George Brunstad swam across Lake Winnipesaukee on Thursday!  He swam the 22 miles, spending 22 hours in the water.  And, did I mention he is 76 years young?
It seems that George is the oldest man to do this task.  Oh -- and he is also the oldest man to swim the English Channel as well - he did that little task on his 70th birthday!  He did that swim, of 32 miles from England to France in just under 16 hours!!!!
Hundreds of onlookers cheered George on during his swim, which began at 10pm at night.  When he arrived on the beach, he stumbled a few times before he could walk again and then the crowd broke out into "Happy Birthday to You" as his birthday was Wednesday!
He was accompanied by the Laconia Fire Boat during his journey.
George trained at the Laconia Swin & Fitness Center and by his home in Meredith.
He is a retired airline pilot and a Air Force Pilot before that.  He also somehow managed to turn this event into a fundraiser, donating all the earnings to WLNH Children's Auction.

Some people are amazing!

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