Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cookies & Tennis

On Tuesday, Jon's team played in the Semi-Finals!  (Spoiler: They won and advanced to the Men's Finals on Saturday!)  In honor of the occasion, I wanted to make some cookies to bring share after the match.  Usually, the women's teams make lovely food and have a little dinner of sorts, but the men's teams bring beer and chips - and seem just as happy!
I also wanted to take some time to teach Ashley how to work with frosting and a pastry bag.  She was a natural and worked efficiently and neatly!  We got these done in no time!  (Yes, there are little caterpillars up there that were not brought to the tennis match!)
Our first hurdle was finding a cookie cutter for tennis shapes!  Well, clearly a round cutter would make a tennis ball, but finding a tennis racquet was not easy.  Instead, I found a "banjo" cookie cutter and rebent it into a racquet shape.  Who would have thought that it would be easier to find a bango????

While the cookies baked, we did our sketches.

I like to do the sketches before I go to decorate, this way, I can prefill the pastry bags, chose my colors and figure out what I want to do.  Ashley did the top sketch and had a good eye for color and shapes.
And the finished product!  Notice the racquet handle that Ash sketched with a swirl.  She recreated it beautifully with frosting!  She is so creative!
Now, I have to come up with a cookie for the finals on Saturday!

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