Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Craftsman's Fair 2010

This year's Craftsman's Fair in Sunapee was really crowded.  Allie, Ashley and I went on Thursday parked in the far lot.  There were lots and lots of vendors and even more people!  It was a lot of fun to see the wares, some craftsman we knew (they were like celebrities) and some gorgeous work!
There were lots of potters, even more jewelers with beautiful work, woodworkers, polymer clay artists, fiber artists and more!

Andy in his Japanese pottery booth.  Notice his attention to detail - he even made floor tiles using river rocks.  It was quite striking and with the black background, his pottery really was easy to spot.
Cairns for rock stacking.  We saw kids and people trying their hand at this.  It was actually quite nice to have a place to "get away" from the crowds.
And here is a hippie making a rather tall rock stack.

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