Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Fountain of Youth - Sort Of

Here is an interesting story of Argan Oil.  
Picture it, women in Morocco, sift through wild goat droppings, harvesting hard nuts.  They gather these nuts, where another group of women cracks open the shells to remove 3 kernels.  These kernels are then pressed for their precious oil.
This oil is then bottled and sold all over the world as a beauty secret, acne remedy and hair moisturizer.
And it is expensive!!!

Here is the tree.  Notice how the goats climb up in it!  The trunk is old and curvy and the goats climb up to get to the fruit.
The fruit looks like olives, but in fact are larger.  The goats digest the tender outer coating and expel the hard nut inside.  (Sounds rather disgusting, doesn't it?)

The the oil from the kernels are used by women to soften skin, rid stretch marks, lighten scars, condition hair and the like.
These trees are only found in Morocco and are endangered.  Many of the people who do the gathering of the nuts have set the trees up to protect them.  They live for hundreds of years (the trees, not the people).
And here, you have a little bottle of the stuff that I paid a small fortune for in Hanover on Monday.  That in itself was a funny story!
I had seen the signs that the RVC posted last fall announcing the arrival of MOROCCAN OIL.  I read up on it on the internet and found out that women use it as a moisturizer and in their hair.  I was curious because I currently use olive oil to moisturize.  But, after finding out the price - it is sold by the ml, not the ounce, I decided that since the olive oil was working well for me, I would continue with it.
Then, last week Veronica wrote me a letter raving about this fantastic oil from Morocco that Jalal recommended, called Argan Oil.
Well, sure enough - Argan oil is marketed as Moroccan oil.  And, if women only knew that the very expensive luxurious oil passes through the digestive system of goats, well - I wonder if it would be as popular!

So, I bought a small bottle and tried it.  It is fabulous.  The bottle I purchased is specifically designed for use in the hair.  It absorbs really well and improves the condition of my hair.

Well - I really feel like it does!  I almost called my tennis partner before I arrived and warned her to put on her sunglasses, because my hair was shiny and radiant!!

Veron told me that there is also shampoo and conditioners made with this oil.

When reading about it, I read that there are fake products sold as Argan Oil - that are just olive oil with paprika mixed in for color.  So, I think that if you purchase some from a source that is questionable, you might not get what you expected.
I love olive oil for moisturizing my skin, but it doesn't absorb into my hair the way the Argan oil does.  I think it would be easy to tell the difference on hair, as olive oil would be greasy.  I rubbed a little Argan oil into my skin and it was light and easily absorbed.  Veron says that in Morocco they cook with it!

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