Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hiking Mount Major, Alton Bay NH

Jon and I hiked Mount Major today.  Mount Major is is Alton Bay, NH about 1 hour from our house.  The day was absolutely gorgeous, --if anything a little hot -- but breathtaking views and weather.
We parked at the main lot on Route 11 and proceeded up the Main Trail.  It was probably close to 2 miles up the main trail. Some of the terrain was washed out from rain and erosion. It was considered a "moderate" hike - although close to the summit it was quite intense - straight rock, straight up!
It was beautiful.
We followed the blue blazes up the trail and it was marked quite well.
We ran into many, many people and many many dogs. One couple had at least 5 dogs!!!!
The summit was breathtaking, 360 degree views, along with the old stone hut built in 1925 by the owner of the land. He built it for hikers, but the roof was blown off due to the winds!  The roof was rebuilt years later, but again, it was blown off.  To this day, there is the stone structure with no roof.
After we got to the top of the mountain -- and I was drenched in sweat - we stopped for a brief snack and water break.  It was quite enjoyable.  Even though there were many other families and hikers, there was plenty of room and it didn't feel crowded.

Here is the only sign on the trail.  We discovered it on the way down while following the Brook Trail.  
It was something out of a movie scene, the beautiful and clean woods and then the babbling brook.
Here is the view of Lake Winnipesaukee.  Just breathtaking!

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DamianC said...

Looks like a great hike!
I have never done that mountain, but I know of a lot of similar river trails that sound similar.
if you want future suggestions, you know who to call.
Take Care