Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lack of Integrity in Journalism

Last week, news organizations ran with a story bashing Rupert Murdoch News Corporation for donation $1,000,000 to the Republican's Governor's Association.  Rupert Murdoch is the owner of Fox News.  Nathan Daschle, director of the Democratic's Governor's Association was furious and demanded that full disclosure be made whenever any news stories were run on election pieces.

Well, a little known fact surfaced over the weekend.  It turns out that 88% of employees from ABC, NBC and CBS (from on-air personalities, to researchers, writers, reporters and executives) donated money to the Democratic candidates!   1,160 people (self reporting) donated an average of $880 to Democratic campaigns.  By contrast only 193 media employees contributed to Republican campaigns (on average $744).

So, let's examine the obvious - the people that dictate the news, those that choose what stories to air and what preference to give them are abundantly Democratic party supporters.  Not only are they politically leaning, but they go so far as to donate hard earned money to their cause.
Ask yourself these questions:
-How many people do you know who contribute $800 to the political candidate of their choice?
-Do these people have a "stake" in the outcome of an election?
-Do these contributor's have the ability to affect the news, to use the media to sway their beliefs?

I have a hard time listening to news programs anymore without observing an obvious bias in the reporting. I do not even limit that to political news -- I have a hard time watching tennis matches and listening to the commentators.  Their "opinions" are presented as facts, regardless of the ability to prove their beliefs.
Just like political commentators, their opinions are not what I am interested in hearing.

I want to hear facts.  I want the same questions asked to all candidates and I want to hear the response from all the candidates.  I don't want to hear fluff pieces designed to boost up Barack Obama or "catty" pieces designed to humiliate Sarah Palin.

This article proves that their is a bias in the news media.  This is nothing new to anyone who actually listens to the news with a skeptical ear -- or eye.

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