Friday, August 13, 2010

Learning Something New! - Bibimbap

My ladies' tennis team had our final match on Wednesday night.  Sadly, we lost the match in the semi-finals but had a fantastic and fun season!
After our match, my partner Natasha, Jon and I went to Yama's Korean Restaurant for a late night dinner. Natasha is an experienced Korean food eater as well as cook and described some of the things on the menu that were hard to picture, based on the description.  I ordered "Bibimbap" which was absolutely delicious!
For some reason, I was expecting a soup like meal, but it was more like a salad.
The presentation was gorgeous, colorful and bright.  The flavors were delicious - crisp and cool lettuce, squash, slightly cooked spinach, carrots, sprouts, mushrooms, seasoned beef, steamed rice and and egg.
The Bibimbap is served in a large bowl with each vegetable served emanating from the center of the dish, with rice on the bottom and beef on top of the rice.  Some of the piles of food are cooked (spinach, beef, mushrooms) while others are raw(lettuce, sprouts, carrots) but all seasoned slightly differently.

The seasoned beef is called Bulgogi - rib eye is sliced paper thin, marinated in soy sauce, Asian pears, ginger, brown sugar, peppers, garlic and onions.  Then, it is grilled.  It is served slightly warm and it is slightly sweet.  It really is a very nice contrast to the crisp vegetables.

Bbimbap is served with a spicy sauce on the side called Gochuchang Paste, which is made up of a chili bean paste and sesame seeds.

It was a very delicious dish that I would definitely order again!

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