Monday, August 02, 2010

Pretty Place in Town

New London really comes to life in the summer. Even though our summer is short (sometimes only a couple of months - if we are lucky) this year, it is particularly sunny and warm.
The Garden Club does a lot of work around town, a bunch of volunteers who love to garden. When they are not planting flowers and trees, they are filling window boxes at the gazebo. Also, they give "awards" to local businesses that do a very appealing job with their flowers.
I always like to see what Lake Sunapee bank does with their floral display. Some years it is brilliant, sometimes overgrown, but always bright and pretty! This year is one of their bests. They take a rather "box" like building and dress it up for the season. It was so pretty that I had to snap some pictures of it.
Between the stark white building, the deep blue awnings and the brilliant yellow and red flowers, the bank looks initing and beautiful.
Here is a close up of the flowers. Just beautiful!

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