Sunday, August 01, 2010


I always seem to have a handful of projects going at once. I don't mean work, housekeeping, childrearing or general maintenance, but actual hobbies, things that I do to relax or because I enjoy.
There are times that I get frustrated when I am doing them, but I work to remind myself that they whole point is to enjoy what I am doing.
I enjoy these projects because they occupy my brain, so I am not "worrying" about something foolish, I feel a sense of accomplishment when the task is complete and because I learn something with each project! It is a great feeling and I am hooked! Here are some from this weekend...
My friend Shelly does drawings similar to these, called zentangles. She is recovering from cancer treatment and a bunch of her friends wanted to send her some of our own art tangles. Shelly loves to include actual "shells" in her artwork - kind of a pun on her name, so I thought it would be fitting to do a tangle for her in the shape of a shell. I dropped this off this morning and hope she improves.

Here is my front door. I found the chair (on the right) at a barn sale for $2 and took it home, painted in white and set it in front of the door. I can see it holding pumpkins in the fall, flowers in the spring and snowshovels in the winter (just kidding).
Here is a watercolor painting I am working on. I had the urge to paint and following Ashley's lead (she just breaks out her paints sometimes) I did the same. Kind of a cross section into our backyard...although I think there are far more weeds out back.


Laurie said...

We are sending the kids to your 'art school', maybe next summer? :-)

DannyB said...

I'll sign them right up!